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Would you love to enhance the worship experience with your playing? Dana offers coaching and training for traditional and contemporary worship keyboardists—both intermediate and advanced.

Adults and teens can advance your skills to play more confidently, flow seamlessly in worship and create transitions that are smooth and easy to follow.


Local students enjoy in-studio coaching, while long-distance students benefit from online lessons via Zoom.

Dana created Worship Keys Coaching™ for all levels of worship keyboardists…  whether you read music fluently, barely, or only chord charts.


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  • Would you like your student to attend SCAPA (School for Creative and Performing Arts—Lexington residents only) as a piano major?
  • Does your pianist show exceptional ability or promise?

  • Would you like the opportunity to enhance your student’s abilities in the fine arts?

  • Need professional guidance about preparing for the SCAPA audition?


Dana has an excellent record for students being accepted into SCAPA, and her experience and guidance will make the process much easier.


Download Dana’s free SCAPA Info Sheet that details the qualification requirements for SCAPA as well as her role in helping your student prepare for the audition and other requirements.


  • Would you like to earn money playing for weddings?

  • Would you like to have a repertoire that’s wedding-ready with short notice?

  • Not sure what to charge to play for a wedding or how to bring up the subject of price when asked?

  • Need professional guidance about contracts, song selection, negotiating price and more?

  • Not sure how many songs you need to have ready?

  • What about knowing exactly when to play and for how long? 


Dana has played for dozens of weddings and encountered just about every situation imaginable (including a bride who refused to come down the aisle!).


There are many things to know about playing for a wedding besides just the music.


There’s specific etiquette and

protocol to follow that many times the bride isn’t even aware of. For example, did you know that the bride’s mother is the last to be seated before the procession begins?


The wedding pianist must know these things to be fully prepared for the event.

If you're interested in playing for weddings, Dana's Complete Wedding Prep Package is perfect for you. Click here for all the details.

Dana specializes in focus areas for pianists who have specific goals.
She has helped many students reach their dream of playing for worship,
attending SCAPA or playing for weddings. If you have a specific piano goal
in mind, please share it with Dana so she can help you reach it faster.


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